About Us

Maruska reinvented herself at the Parsons School of Design, where the obsession with design took it's grip. After graduation there was a line of activewear that Fred Segal scooped up. Maruska fell hard for a cowpunk and made London her home for a spell. There were those cowboy shirts made for Roy Orbison and those endless punks she outfitted. But the party ended abrubtly when Maruska discovered she had breast cancer in 2000. In the haze of recovery, a lightbulb went off. Named after her kids, Maruska started a children's clothing line called Stinky & Minky,

Like a woman possessed, Maruska started whipping out 50s chic for the under 10 set. Inspired by "Rebel Without a Cause", "The Girl Can't Help It" and The Cramps, Maruska stocked up on vintage fabrics and started whipping up pajamas in robot flannel, polka dotted circle skirts, corduroy jumpers, western shirts, an array of baby quilts, all made in retro fabrics. Our products are 100% cotton and made in New York City, not in a sweatshop.

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